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Anonymous asked : Hi! Do you have a link for Suckseed side story with english sub? :)

No. I’m sorry ~

Anonymous asked : Hello! Love your Suckseed/Hormones gifs, just wondering if you did the translations on your own (are you Thai?), cause they seem really well done!

Most of them were translated by me myself since you know, it is really hard to find Thai-related videos with English subtitles. ;w;

And yes! I’m Thai. Thanks for the compliment anyway. That means a lot. XD

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I’m sorry to say that I’m gonna move back to Sinlapinthai blog from now on

since recently there are almost no differences between SOSUCKSEEED’s stuffs and SINLAPINTHAI’s. So I think it will be convenient for me to handle just one blog. I may or may not shut down this blog on November 11, 2013 which this day is also its 2nd anniversary. If you guys still want to track the news of SuckSeed cast, please feel free to follow SINLAPINTHAI. :)

Thank you for following and giving so much loves for this blog for all these years. I really appreciates. Sorry again if I make you guys disappointed, but I hope you understand as well. :) 


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